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I'm Arne, a designer from Berlin
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Arne Schütze

User Experience Designer

Originally from the far north of Germany, I came to Berlin to undertake study in Interface Design at the FH Potsdam. Following this, I began working at Service Design agency Fjord in 2011. As a Designer, I am responsible for creating innovative services, products and strategies for clients working in various industries from around the world. I think of my job much like solving a puzzle, in that I must find simple solutions for complex problems, guide teams through every stage of the design process and balance user with business needs to ensure the various pieces come together in services with an outstanding user experience.

In addition to my design work, I enjoy spending time with my children, exploring the natural surroundings and playgrounds in and around Berlin. I am fascinated by graphic novels, and use their style of visual storytelling as an inspiration to inform my designs. To keep a clear head, I enjoy meditation and riding my bike on a daily basis.

I’d like to think of myself as


I love what I do – designing services and experiences has always been more than a just a job to me.


I'm driven by the need to understand how things work, in order to assess how I might be able to improve them.


I enjoy close team collaboration across all disciplines and departments. That includes fellow designers, developers, clients and users.


I take responsibility for the quality of every aspect of my work, always delivering within a given timeframe.


Once I start a task, I remain focussed and dedicated to completing the job at hand.


Colleagues recognise me as a person to whom they can always bring their thoughts, questions and ideas.

People I worked with say

  • Michel Tofahrn

    Design Lead, Fjord Berlin

    “Arne has a very constant output of awesome solutions and he pushes projects to the limits in terms of quality.”

  • Sven Neitzel

    Designer, Fjord Berlin

    “Arne is a thoughtful and patient team player. He supports everyone who is in need of advice.”

  • Jennifer Dettmering

    Project Manager, Fjord Berlin

    “I always enjoy working with Arne. He is structured and well organised, has an overview of the whole project and always keeps the big picture in mind.”

  • Scott Robinson

    Biz Dev Director, Fjord Berlin

    “Arne has a great way of explaining to and leading clients toward the goals which they want to achieve but also those they don't know they want to achieve.”

Want me to do the same for you?

I’m always open for new opportunities that offer a chance to learn from, and collaborate with inspiring colleagues towards creating impactful, relevant services and experiences.